The Mark Leveridge Magic Podcast
The Mark Leveridge February 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge February 2020 Podcast

January 31, 2020

Here is the February line up of topics:

  • Reflections on the Session 2020 and anticipating the Blackpool Convention
  • how to avoid spectators challenging you when you perform
  • are you guilty of using redundant phrases, words or patter in your act?
  • a discussion on crediting ideas properly and thoughts on Andi Gladwin's 'open source' concept applied to magic
  • Magicseen sets off on its 16th year of publication and goes from strength to strength
  • taking a step back to evaluate your act or technique can be very beneficial
The Mark Leveridge January 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge January 2020 Podcast

December 31, 2019

Your New Year podcast line up covers the following topics:

  • I chat about what makes December a unique month for shows
  • Ian Brennan learns a lesson regarding lecturing for young magicians which raises some interesting points
  • if all magic can be categorised as a puzzle, or as a trick, or as an extraordinary moment, as suggested by Ken Weber in Maximum Entertainment, then should we all be working towards more extraordinary moments?
  • let's make 2020 the year in which we commit to supporting a live magic event
  • adopting strategies to help with remembering trick sequences gets more important as you get older
  • since most modern marketed magic comes with little or no props of any quality or note, what are magic collectors going to be seeking out in a hundred years time?
The Mark Leveridge December 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge December 2019 Podcast

November 30, 2019

Your festive selection of magic topics for this time are:

  • The changing nature of magic conventions means that the most successful and sustainable events are those which are focused in terms of their theme or content
  • how do you decide how many tricks to carry when performing strolling magic?
  • audio books are a great learning tool for those who say they don't read books any more
  • a good performing style or personality can help dictate the type of magic you choose for your act
  • the decline of general theatrical agents has removed a quality control mechanism
  • manage your bookers' expectations if you want to avoid them being disappointed with you
The Mark Leveridge November 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge November 2019 Podcast

October 31, 2019

Plenty of fireworks in the November Podcast line up:

  • the dilemma that mentalists face when seeking to make their shows entertaining to the lay public
  • organising your performance workspace can be key to putting on a good show
  • the brand new E-Club Pro Live lecture for 2020/21 is ready to book
  • it's surprising how hackneyed the responses can be to magic and magicians
  • David Regal claims that there is a need to fail in order to achieve great things, but is this universally true?
  • a New Release is announced of a classic effect for stand up or for a close up show
  • your magic bookshelf can reveal a lot about your magic pathway
The Mark Leveridge October 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge October 2019 Podcast

September 30, 2019

Sit back and relax while listening to the following topics:

  • magical chat in different environments keeps things fresh for the four of us in the CCC
  • if magic takes place in the minds of the spectators, does it mean there's no magic when no one is watching?
  • a month into the life of the new MLM website it seems to be finding favour with many customers
  • three types of magical exposure are considered
  • how to free up time to be consistently magically creative
  • I break patter down into half a dozen different types
  • does the 'magician in trouble, then comes good' plot still have any relevance?
The Mark Leveridge September 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge September 2019 Podcast

August 27, 2019

The September line up of podcast topics is as follows:

  • Tommy Cooper provides a great definition of the difference between pro and amateur magicians
  • examples of how magic leaves a uniquely long lasting impression with spectators
  • the Real Magic Roadshow is coming to a town near you
  • charity and awards night dinners create special circumstances for table hopping magicians
  • themed costumes are usually impractical and a total liability for us
  • should on stage helpers be required to stand or sit during their time with you?
The Mark Leveridge August 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge August 2019 Podcast

July 31, 2019

Your summertime listen from Mark Leveridge covers the following topics:

  • I consider how big a factor performance risk can be when considering trick methods
  • predicting how magic will be sold in the future is put into context by a blog article I wrote way back in 1995
  • the new MLM site is scheduled to launch at the end of this month and I give an insight into what it has taken to make it happen
  • magic is pretty unique in the way it can be used to put across messages or help others in a variety of ways
  • if the effect is everything, does it matter at all what the method is, or will literally anything be suitable?
  • the key question to ask if considering turning full time pro
The Mark Leveridge July 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge July 2019 Podcast

June 30, 2019

Podcast Gold

Each year I like to put together a special 'reprise' edition of the Podcast in which I look back over the previous 12 months or so and select half a dozen of my favourite topics to create a special compilation. If you are a regular listener, you will hopefully enjoy hearing the chosen tracks again, and if you are coming fresh to the Podcast, it should give you a good flavour for what it is like. Here are my chosen topics:

  • I discuss whether social media ever really delivers in terms of creating actual bookings or whether we are simply deluding ourselves
  • cancellation clauses in performance contracts can cause more problems than they solve
  • do you feel a bit uncomfortable performing for people who know you very well, such as family and friends? I look at why this might be
  • when creating new magic, should you start with the effect or the method?
  • is getting to the magic 'moment' as quickly as possible, always the right way to go?
  • online booking agencies make for lazy enquiries and encourage potentially unfair price comparisons
The Mark Leveridge June 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge June 2019 Podcast

May 31, 2019

Here is the line up of topics for sunny June!

  • Magic that is designed to be filmed for social media use may not always be suitable for real world performance
  • it pays to be aware that lay people assistants may misinterpret your instructions because they are intimidated by being up on a stage
  • magic that impresses us can often be seen completely differently by lay people
  • when people retire from their real job it provides the opportunity to do more magic and to become 'professional' - but what do the magic pros do?
  • when is it advisable to work for free in order to put yourself in front of the right people?
  • online agencies have created a race to the bottom in terms of fees leaving most of the good entertainers with no bookings
The Mark Leveridge May 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge May 2019 Podcast

April 30, 2019

'May' I offer you the following topics of magical interest?

  • does Uri Geller really still need to make wild claims in the media?
  • if your spectators have paid specifically to see you perform there is perhaps more pressure on you to deliver than if you are just the 'hired help'
  • getting started at a gig as a strolling magician can be tricky to know the exact right moment to jump in
  • I consider the assertion by Dr. Kuhn that magic is an enjoyable sensation because the audience knows that magic is not real
  • Anthony Owen's demise is a real shock and a huge loss to magic
  • the second hand magic market is surely going to be affected by the lack of physical trick instructions
  • I anticipate my annual trip to the marvellous 4Fs close up magic convention in the US