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The Mark Leveridge September 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge September 2020 Podcast

August 31, 2020

Here's what you can expect to hear in the September podcast

  • If social distancing restrictions continue, will this lead to smaller events, and if so will it have an impact on the size of fees we can command?
  • Dave Jones' epic Facebook rant strikes a chord with some and upsets others
  • patter acts should sometimes learn when NOT to speak
  • why September would be a great time to join E-Club Pro
  • when magic was not a good fit for street performance
  • the importance of getting yourself in the right frame of mind before a close up show
The Mark Leveridge August 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge August 2020 Podcast

July 31, 2020

The August round up of magic themed topics contains the following:

  • We are all having to get used to different ways of working when entertaining via Zoom
  • the top magicians are those who learn how to relax and pause when performing says Christopher Barnes
  • why we shouldn't care about what people say about our show
  • when having a disaster is actually very lucky
  • are digital magic magazines more acceptable than digital books?
  • Dani DaOrtiz reverses an old magic adage that says you should never tell the audience in advance what you are going to do
The Mark Leveridge July 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge July 2020 Podcast

June 30, 2020

A summer collection of advice and opinion which contains the following topics:

  • The lockdown aftermath may initially change the tricks that we can do in close up
  • Morgan and West contend that the strolling magician has to fight for the attention of his audiences
  • enjoy the tale of my brush with the law extracted from E-Club Pro's It Could Only Happen Live
  • female magicians have to try that much harder to succeed in magic it seems
  • the rise of the podcast shows an increase in the popularity of audio information
  • your magic fan base changes as you progress through your magic 'career'
The Mark Leveridge June 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge June 2020 Podcast

May 31, 2020

These are the topics we get stuck into this time:

  • The British Ring online 'Nonvention' seeks to fill the gap left by the cancellation of their regular event
  • I reflect on Lance Burton's assertion that performing is like Groundhog Day - you keep repeating the same act until you get it perfect
  • redundant phrases and useless messages - a round up of my 'favourites'
  • will you be fooled by The Tube Of Wonder?
  • blogs are good to do as long as you know who you are writing for
  • the question is not whether a printed book is better than a digital one, surely it's the quality of the content that counts
The Mark Leveridge May 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge May 2020 Podcast

April 30, 2020

'May' I interest you in the following topics?

  • Magic steps up and produces a number of projects to keep magicians in lockdown interested
  • taking away the 'parachute' helps to raise levels of perseverance for pro magicians
  • formulating a sort of magic risk assessment can help in dealing with performance glitches
  • learning how to control all aspects of your performance life can pay big dividends
  • Richard Young's Magicians' Podcast and Dynamo's Beyond Belief provide some welcome magical distraction
  • creativity is better when it is driven by plot more than method
The Mark Leveridge April 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge April 2020 Podcast

March 31, 2020

Here's a run down of the subjects for April

  • What the coronavirus means to us magicians
  • do table hopping magicians always have the right to interrupt people and insist that they watch some magic?
  • Tony Middleton suggests how you can get a hotel residency, and I wonder whether this is good practice for all entertainers
  • we need to lead bookers to the right type of booking conditions, not just accept what they think that they want
  • I announce a new Video E-Book Release featuring coins and purses
  • there is no substitute for the live performance as a means to refine new magic
The Mark Leveridge March 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge March 2020 Podcast

February 29, 2020

The discussion topics for March are:

  • The pressure of walking around the Blackpool dealers' halls
  • I reflect on Simon Caine's assertion that mind readers shouldn't make predictions
  • has the CineMental trailer set a new standard for online video dems?
  • E-Club Pro is in its 10th year and is a formidable online magic resource
  • I present an argument that magic exposure is not only necessary, but is in any case an outmoded concept that's not worth worrying about
  • going 'old school' and dealing with all show enquiries by telephone might be an advantage
The Mark Leveridge February 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge February 2020 Podcast

January 31, 2020

Here is the February line up of topics:

  • Reflections on the Session 2020 and anticipating the Blackpool Convention
  • how to avoid spectators challenging you when you perform
  • are you guilty of using redundant phrases, words or patter in your act?
  • a discussion on crediting ideas properly and thoughts on Andi Gladwin's 'open source' concept applied to magic
  • Magicseen sets off on its 16th year of publication and goes from strength to strength
  • taking a step back to evaluate your act or technique can be very beneficial
The Mark Leveridge January 2020 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge January 2020 Podcast

December 31, 2019

Your New Year podcast line up covers the following topics:

  • I chat about what makes December a unique month for shows
  • Ian Brennan learns a lesson regarding lecturing for young magicians which raises some interesting points
  • if all magic can be categorised as a puzzle, or as a trick, or as an extraordinary moment, as suggested by Ken Weber in Maximum Entertainment, then should we all be working towards more extraordinary moments?
  • let's make 2020 the year in which we commit to supporting a live magic event
  • adopting strategies to help with remembering trick sequences gets more important as you get older
  • since most modern marketed magic comes with little or no props of any quality or note, what are magic collectors going to be seeking out in a hundred years time?
The Mark Leveridge December 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge December 2019 Podcast

November 30, 2019

Your festive selection of magic topics for this time are:

  • The changing nature of magic conventions means that the most successful and sustainable events are those which are focused in terms of their theme or content
  • how do you decide how many tricks to carry when performing strolling magic?
  • audio books are a great learning tool for those who say they don't read books any more
  • a good performing style or personality can help dictate the type of magic you choose for your act
  • the decline of general theatrical agents has removed a quality control mechanism
  • manage your bookers' expectations if you want to avoid them being disappointed with you

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